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Biomass Trade Centre

Pellet Store cutaway
Fuel Delivery Systems
Chip delivery systems from truck to fuel store and fuel store to boiler and pellet store vacuum systems and augers.
Heating regulation and control systems
Regulation and Controls
Heating circuit and boiler control, remote systems, standby controllers, sequencing, dual boiler, peak load modules.
accumulators buffers, thermal stores
Hydraulic Equipment
Pumps, valves, accumulators, buffers and expansion vessels.

Biomass Trade Centre is part of the Zero Ridge Group is the UK’s leading biomass heating solution provider. Our high-quality product range, of meticulously designed and efficient biomass heating systems. Our solutions include full system design and integration. Service and full after sales support with a team of engineers who have been involved in the Biomass industry for more than 30 Years.
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Biomass Heating System Design