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Hydraulic Equipment

accumulators buffers, thermal stores
Heat stores, thermal buffers and accumulators.
Expansion vessels
Expansion Vessels
Diaphragm pressure expansion chamber for closed systems
Heating system pump stations
Pump Systems
High efficiency circulation pumps, and pump stations and distributors.

The key to having a truly efficient heating system is having an integrated setup with the required amount of heat storage and pump systems to deliver the accumulated heat when it is required.

We supply accumulators, buffers, expansion vessels, pumps and valves  to all sectors of the renewable heat industry.

Accumulators, buffers and thermal stores

As biomass boilers take time to generate the heat required for heating rooms or domestic hot water, they need a way of storing the heat they produce so it can be used when they are either off or just starting up, rather like a battery.

Having this heat storage reserve means a boiler can burn an entire heat cycle and get up to maximum efficiency and store all the heat generated, rather than turning on and off constantly and never getting to peak performance, this is especially important in the case of log boilers, as the size of the fuel chamber and the accumulator should be matched to the heat required so the boiler only needs to be filled with fuel and fired once a day.

Expansion Vessels

Also known as an expansion tank, this crucial component helps to maintain the proper pressure in the system. Put simply, it acts as a kind of shock absorber, handling the expansion and contraction of water in your central heating system as it heats and cools.

If this element stops working, the pressure in your heating system will fluctuate too much - meaning your boiler won’t function as it should. This could leave you without heating and hot water until the problem is fixed.

The vessel contains air, as well as water from the central heating system, when the water heats up it expands and compresses the air in the sealed vessel, this acts as a sort of shock absorber for the heating system allowing the extra pressure to be absorbed in the vessel and prevent that pressure from damaging pipe joints and other vulnerable components in the heating system.

Circulation pumps and pump stations

The Zero Ridge Delta circulating pump range offers the latest in high efficiency low energy consumption circulation pumps. The pumps are designed to circulate heated water in central heating systems, however they can also be used to pump liquid media (depends on type) in industrial and commercial applications.

For solar applications the pumps are idea as they are suitable for glycol mix 1.1 and media temperatures up to 110°C.